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Welcome to Fairfield

Fairfield County Connecticut

Population: 56,544
Area: 30 Miles
Government: First Selectman
Boston: 142 Miles
Hartford: 53 Miles
New York City: 48 Miles

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Fairfield, CT is situated along the Gold Coast of Connecticut with 5 miles of stunning Long Island Sound coastline offering residents a wealth of recreational opportunities including 5  different public beaches.  Fairfield's real estate market is made up of many diverse neighborhoods like Southport and Greenfield Hill, both notably scenic and affluent. Fairfield considers itself the "Dogwood Capital" of the world and hosts an annual Dogwood Festival each spring in Greenfield Hill to show off the thousands of flowering trees.  In July 2006, Money magazine ranked Fairfield the 9th "Best Place to Live" in the entire United States and the very best in the Northeast!   Fairfield's vast history can be seen in the hundreds of historic homes that have been preserved throughout the town, with Greenfield Hill and Southport Historic Districts dating from the mid-18th century.  Fairfield is well positioned to all major highways, Interstate 95, US 1 and the Merritt Parkway.  It also offers two Metro-North railroad stations in Fairfield Center and Southport.  A third station is under construction with a large commercial development known as Fairfield Metro Center.  Local travel is available by several public bus lines of the Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority. Fairfield is home to 2 respected universities, Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University, and to corporate headquarters for General Electric Company and   R. C. Bigelow Tea. They can claim John Mayer, recording artist, James Blake tennis star, and Justin Long, actor as town natives. There are extraordinary real estate opportunities for those seeking the Fairfield lifestyle, from first-time buyers to seasoned homeowners. Fairfield's rich fabric has so much to offer its residents... it's a great place to call home.   

Fairfield History

Early in the 1600s, the first settlers, a group of hardy souls led by Roger Ludlowe, traveled south and west from Hartford through dense woodlands and over swift rivers to "the place beyond," a place rich with abundant game and pleasing to the eye, the Unquoway Indians' beloved homelands. Miles of salt marsh, perfect for grazing cattle, ran along the coast, giving rise to the name "Fair Fields," and, as the population grew and cleared land for homes, so did the town's area; at one time it encompassed Redding, Weston, Easton, Greens Farms, Black Rock and most of Westport. As more settlers arrived and cleared "long lots" for grazing and farming, Fairfield prospered, incorporating as a town in 1639. Black Rock and Southport developed deep water ports serving the burgeoning population between New York and Boston with cargoes of wheat, flax, timber, livestock and the world-famous Southport Globe onion.

Fairfield Facts

11 Elementary School
3 Middle Schools
2 High Schools

Education Private
Fairfield Prep
Notre Dame
St. Thomas Aquinas
Our Lady of the Assumption
Fairfield Country Day School
Unquowa School

Fairfield University
Sacred Heart University

Bridgeport Hospital
Fairfield Family Medical
St. Vincent's Hospital


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